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Infiltrating the Leemasons

The Dogmatic Lee Smith Voters:

Of the 139 Hall of Fame ballots publicly revealed, 34 writers voted for Lee Smith.
Of the 139 Hall of Fame ballots publicly revealed, 60 writers voted for Barry Bonds.
Only four ballots had both names.

Very Brave Man Grant Brisbee has discovered a Hall of Fame subculture far more reluctant to pontificate than Jack Morrisites: Lee Smith voters. They're disproportionately likely to not release their ballots, to not vote for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, to have voted for Jacque Jones and Aaron Sele and Scott Cooper, probably, but Grant comes out of it unable to pin a generalization on them.

Here's the part that confuses me: Lee Smith has become a traditionalist candidate. For the kind of traditionalist who came up at the same time he did, Lee Smith was the problem—his career began at the end of the fireman period and ended deep inside post-La-Russa baseball, with its six-inning starters and long parades of relief specialists. After two big years in St. Louis, Smith pitched 165 innings over his last 172 appearances.

But now the trads are younger and the front has moved: Closers are traditional, people who undervalue saves are the problem, and Lee Smith is an ally. Foreign policy is confusing.