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Oscar Taveras, Number 18, and the Greatest Cardinals of All Time

The Cardinals have had a great broadcaster wear number 18, but no great players. 18 was Andy Van Slyke, until he was traded; Keith Hernandez, but only for a couple of years; Luis Alicea, of all people.

It's a Hall of Famer, Dazzy Vance, but only for 150 innings after his 42nd birthday, when he'd finally broken down. It was David Green, of all the ill omens, but only after he'd been packaged up in the Jack Clark trade and exiled to Japan.

18 is a blank slate. It's adjacent to a retired number, Dizzy Dean, and right by Jim Edmonds and Ray Lankford, who just as well could be, but there's not a lot of interference at 18 itself.

I've been kicking around a list of the 100 Greatest Cardinals Of All Time forever, and the first thing you learn when you set out to make a list like that is that there are not really 100 Great Cardinals, not even Of All Time. Guys get traded too soon, or something about their reputation is caught up on the weird, jagged edges of baseball in their own time, and pretty soon you're trying to figure out what anybody ever saw in Ken Reitz, if you're me, or Roy Washburn, if you're my mom, or Jason Isringhausen, if you were born after I started writing about the Cardinals on the internet.

I hope Oscar Taveras's cartoonish home run swing will happen often enough, over the next decade, that he'll be the last guy who ever wears it. Failing that, I hope it'll make it so that every time an Orlando Palmeiro or Chris Duncan or Ivan Cruz or even Kolten Wong wears it, we'll feel like something is a little off.

One step at a time—four plate appearances in a game, 162 games in a season, and so on. Right now I'm hoping he'll chase down Luis Alicea.

With apologies to CardNilly.

Name Years G H
Mike Shannon 1963-1970 872 708
Del Rice 1946-1954 954 690
Andy Van Slyke 1983-1986 521 392
Luis Alicea 1988-1994 437 299
Hal Smith 1956-1958 252 207
Joe Orengo 1940-1940 129 119
Lon Warneke 1937-1942 183 91
Gene Tenace 1981-1982 124 62
Keith Hernandez 1974-1975 78 57
George Crowe 1959-1961 157 49
Nelson Burbrink 1955-1955 58 47
Bill Walker 1934-1936 84 18
Skip Jutze 1972-1972 21 17
Red Munger 1943-1944 53 11
Leo Burke 1963-1963 30 10
Jim Mallory 1945-1945 13 10
Tex Carleton 1933-1933 44 9
David Green 1987-1987 14 8
Dazzy Vance 1933-1933 28 5
John Antonelli 1944-1944 8 4
Si Johnson 1936-1936 12 4
Craig Anderson 1961-1961 25 3
Chris Sabo 1995-1995 5 2
Manuel Lee 1995-1995 1 1
Bobby Fenwick 1973-1973 5 1
Oscar Taveras 2014-2014 1 1