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Yadier Molina's pitch-framing and Adam Wainwright, cont'd

Working through all the links that stacked up in NetNewsWire while I got settled in at Fangamer, the videogame merch company where I am not a blogger for once. Up next, and only a week or so old: An addendum to our extremely long discussion about Yadier Molina's Hall of Fame case circa 2030.

Then, closing a section about pitch-framing making Yadier Molina into a terrifying WAR monster:

Yes, but—the Cardinals' pitchers over that same period of time will give you very sad looks, because those runs are coming out of something we thought we were measuring before they go into something we're just starting to measure.

Now, Harry Pavlidis and Dan Brooks clawing some runs back for said pitchers.

The [With Or Without You] analysis created adjustments ranging from +/- .1 called strikes per opportunity and from +/- .01 runs per opportunity. The largest gross beneficiary of easy-to-frame pitchers was—Yadier Molina. The perennial gold glove winner started the analysis with 127 runs added before giving 60 back to his pitchers. This reflects the command contributions of teammates of the class of Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright and is no knock on Molina, who still ranks high overall.
I mostly read this for the continued travails of Yadier Molina's weird Hall of Fame case, obviously, but the thing that makes me most comfortable with their methodology is just who did the best job getting extra strikes between 2008 and 2013: None other than 42-year-old Tom Glavine.