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What hitting a home run on an inside pitch looks like

FanGraphs: The 2013 Season In Inside Home Runs

Do you like pictures that have something to do with Miguel Cabrera? I hope you like pictures that have something to do with Miguel Cabrera, because there aren’t going to be any more of not-those. The three most inside pitches hit for home runs in 2013 were all slugged by Miguel Cabrera, and while you might think that means pitchers can try to pitch him away instead, no, don’t bother, he destroys those pitches too, he destroys everything. He’s a destroyer. Here comes more destruction after I hit enter.
The most interesting thing about this list (besides Jeff Sullivan's writing) is that the first four home runs on it don't look very exceptional. Here's Yadier Molina landing in fifth place:


Maybe it's more obvious in motion, but that one doesn't make me flip backwards out of my desk chair. When the players get this good most of the outliers vanish; all the hard fastballs and long home runs are alike enough out of context that we have to construct stories about why we should care about each one, and why—all data aside—a Matt Holliday double is just different from an Allen Craig double.

This screenshot is why you will pry Ichiro and Jamie Moyer and Jose Altuve from their fanbases' cold hands.

Anyway, the second-most-interesting thing in the post is the most inside home run ball, which, holy crap is it inside.


I mean maybe just forget all that other stuff. Here's Miguel Cabrera pulling a ball out of a well.