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The way Oscar Taveras says things and the way he is

On Twitter Drew Silva finds an interesting quote in an otherwise reassuringly bland Oscar Taveras interview:

A lot of the fans are happy, a lot of them telling me that they're waiting to see me in St. Louis. That they think I'm going to be a good player and that they think I can be another Albert Pujols.
First reason this is interesting: Oscar Taveras has discovered the one uncontacted pocket of Cardinals fans who can mention Albert Pujols without using distancing pronouns or the past tense.

Second reason: I don't doubt that people might know something about Taveras I don't. But the next time an article comes out about his character—character in the literal, stagiest sense, since none of us really knows him at this point—I'll wonder how much of his ostensibly cocky demeanor comes packaged like this, a couple of opaque seconds inside two minutes of comments about God and family and working hard.