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Staring into the FedEx arrow

If I were Turkmenbashi, this is probably where I would expend most of my eccentricity: Experimenting with bizarre, subtle changes to baseball's rules until the games become totally unrecognizable. Okay—I'd probably also build a stadium that looked something like this:

—but that would be enough. It's like staring into the FedEx arrow: when you understand what you can do to the whole sport with one tiny change you don't look at it the same way anymore. 

Of course, this is how baseball developed in the first place. Allowing one guy to flick his wrist created the fastball and made the pitcher-hitter relationship adversarial; moving the shortstop up instead of eliminating the position made it the most important one of all; putting seats in the outfield made a home run something strong guys did, instead of fast guys. 

Installing a fourth base worth double points at Glorious Revolution Stadium and covering it in the logos of European luxury clothiers—we'll see what happens.